Short Run Production

​Need a way to hold that part? Maybe you need a fixture to check parts. XCEL's staff of professionals can help you design all your tooling needs.

April 2, 2021

Happy Easter!

We at Xcel wish you all a happy Easter for those who celebrate! 

MARCH 29, 2021

Welcome back Jacob Hudson

Today we welcome Jake back into the shop while his recovery is ongoing.

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Sometimes you don't have an Engineer. XCEL offers print creation, fixture and part design, and other sustaining engineering services that you require. 

Communication, Commitment, Quality   

Precision Machining  



XCEL specializes in short run production in both mill and lathe.  We run anything from 10 to 1000+. All are inspected to SQL of 2.5 unless otherwise specified.





The staff at XCEL has over 35 years in machining experience. We work closely with your engineering staff to ensure cost effective prototypes to assist in your design process.


VF3SS Hass Vertical Machining Center – 20” x 40” Travel (2017)​
VF2 Hass Vertical Machining Center – 16” x 30” Travel (2014)
VF2SS Hass Vertical Machining Center – 16” x 30” Travel (2012)
Proto Trax SMX  3 axis Milling Machine – 20” x 40” Travel

Haas - ST-25Y CNC Lathe w/Y Axis – 3” bar capacity (2019) 
Star - SR20-TYPE G Swiss Style Screw machine - 20mm Dia Capacity (2015)
Doosan – Lynx 220LM Mill Turn Center -  2” Dia Capacity (2010)
Doosan – Lynx 220 Turn Center -  2” Dia Capacity (2010)
Ikegai CNC TCR Mill Turn Center – 2-1/2” Dia Capacity (1994)
Ikegai CNC Turning center - 1" Dia Capacity (1994)

Bridgeport Vertical Machining Machines – 9” x 36” table
Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
Romi 13” Tool Room Lathe
Brown and Sharp Surface Grinder 6” x 12” Table
Cozen Automatic Horizontal Cutoff Saw (2014)
MSC Vertical Band Saw
Wilton Strand Drill Press
Sand Blaster
Servo-Micro Drill Press 30,000 rpm 1/8 capacity

Bowl Tumblers

Fowler “Z-Cat” CMM
Mitutoyo QM 350 Digital Height Check
Jones and Lamson Comparator 18” Screen
Gage Block Sets (Two Working - One Inspection)
Compete Set of Mititoyo Dial Bore Gages .24” - 6.”
Mitutoyo Height Check
Magnetic Sine Plate

 Numerous - 0-6” Micrometers, Pin Gage Sets, Flange Micrometers, Precision CalipersAssorted Ring and Plug Thread Gages

Mastercam - Bobcam V31