​Need a way to hold that part? Maybe you need a fixture to check parts. XCEL's staff of professionals can help you design all your tooling needs.




Communication, Commitment, Quality   

Precision Machining  



Short Run Production

Sometimes you don't have an Engineer. XCEL offers print creation, fixture and part design, and other sustaining engineering services that you require. 


The staff at XCEL has over 35 years in machining experience. We work closely with your engineering staff to ensure cost effective prototypes to assist in your design process.


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October 27,  2022

Xcel would like to congratulate Tom and Elijah on obtaining their Journeyman Cards! 

August 15,  2022

Xcel Turns 9!

Xcel turned 9 this month! We would like to take the time to thank every single customer,  vendors, and employees  who have helped grow our company to what it is today. Thank you for your patronage, services, and business!

XCEL specializes in short run production in both mill and lathe.  We run anything from 10 to 1000+. All are inspected to SQL of 2.5 unless otherwise specified.